Alphonse Georges POULAIN (1875 - 1966)

(Archeologist, Painter, Sculptor and Writer)



Main Archaeological Investigations


From 1902 to 1904, investigation of three cliffs shelters in Mestreville, municipality of St-Pierre-d'Autils (Eure) who supplied an equipment with Magdalenian facies, a mammoth chin, reindeers bones and horns, and scattered human bones and a Neolithic grave reconstituted in the Natural History Museum of ROUEN.

In 1904, excavations in the Goulet camp , on the municipality of St-Pierre-d'Autils (Gallic and Gallo-roman vestiges given to VERNON Museum).

In 1909, investigation of a Gallo-Roman villa - agraria, in Tourneville, municipality of St-Pierre-la-Garenne (Eure). Finds appear in VERNON Museum.

From 1909 to 1911, discovering and excavations of fana or small Gallo-Roman temples in St-Aubin-sur-Gaillon (Eure) and their annexes. The important finds are kept in VERNON Museum.

In 1910, investigation of cliffs shelters in Bonnières-sur-Seine and in Jeufosse (Seine-et-Oise), which brought in Jeufosse, a Neolithic grave, in Bonnières, Magdalenian equipment, the whole given to the Natural History Museum of ROUEN. These investigations were made in association with Henri GADEAU de KERVILLE, the scholar person.

In 1911, investigation of a Gallo-roman villa in Parigny, municipality of Condé-sur-Iton (Eure) (VERNON Museum).

In 1925 and 1926, excavations with GADEAU de KERVILLE, in the camp said “of Caesar”, in Vernonnet, which enlightened eleven Gallo-roman constructions of the 1-st century of our era. Finds, murals, potteries, Gallic currencies and steelyards, bronze and iron objects, the whole in VERNON Museum. It is important to remind that this enclosure was these last years deformed by military authority which levelled earth walls and ditches on a length of 200 metres.

In 1925, excavation of a Neolithic ossuary, still in association with Mr. GADEAU de KERVILLE municipality of Saint-Just, near VERNON, of which human rests have been studied by a distinguished anthropologist, were put down in VERNON Museum.

In 1929 and 1930, investigation of two fortificated places, the one in Houlbec, VERNON canton, and the other, named “La Butte-Olivet”, municipality of Hardencourt (Pacy-sur-Eure canton), finds allowed to date them on franque time. (VERNON Museum).


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