Alphonse Georges POULAIN (1875 - 1966)

(Archeologist, Painter, Sculptor and Writer)



Alponse Georges POULAIN's portrait

Published in the “Démocrate Vernonnais”

of November 14, 1947

"He is an old Man. His artist luxuriant hair is covered with a black hat with flat edges".

"His dreaming eyes seem to watch, beyond the present reality, scenes of the past".

"Indeed, he is very detached from things of this world and seems to live only in the recollections of former times".

"Old stones, old pebbles move him more than anything in the world".

"We can see him, these last days, the drop from the nose, such as an old solitary bird, perched above the trenches edges which cross the City, examining some bones or some section of head discovered by workers".

"With his sweet and shy voice, he comments skilfully on finds and regrets sadly that we cannot disrupt all the Vernon's ground to make others discoveries".

"The day when the mattock of earthworkers will strike a base in Gallo-Roman device, will be the most beautiful day of his life. But, unfortunately! It is scarcely allowed to think about".

"The rough hands caress the hard stones decorated by the master mason from the past. They handle also with delicacy the sculptor's chisel or the watercolourist's paintbrush".

"He reproduced in multiple paintings or drawings all the places of the old Vernon. The quivering art makes think of Robida. Archaeologist, writer, artist, he has no ambition. He is a wise person".

"ancient monuments which are important to him, he belongs to an another time, and when he will disappear, it will be a little bit more of the old VERNON that will perish".



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